Town of Tainter

N8150 Cty Rd D

Colfax, WI 54730

(715) 235-3165


located T.29N - R.12W in

Dunn County, Wisconsin

Tainter Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan


Published and Effective October 21, 2009.


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Tainter Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan


Map C-1  Town Transportation Highways

Map C-2  Tainter Bicycling Conditions

Map C-3  Dunn County Bicycle Routes

Map C-4  WisDOT Bicycling Conditions for Dunn County

Map D-1  City of Menomonie Sewer Service Area Map

Map D-2  City of Menomonie Future Sewer Service Area

Map D-3  Dunn Energy Cooperative Electric Utility Map

Map D-4  Xcel Energy Electric Utilities

Map D-5  Xcel Energy Natural Gas Utilities

Map D-6  Town School District Boundaries

Map E-1  Land Cover and Topology

Map E-2  Soil Associations

Map E-3  Water Features

Map E-4  FEMA Flood Plain Interpretation

Map E-5  Susceptibility to Ground Water Contamination

Map E-6  Ground Water Recharge Map

Map G-1  City of Menomonie Planning Boundary Map

Map H-1  Existing Land Use

Map H-2  Zoning

Map H-3  Land and Resource Protection

Map H-4  Protection Criteria Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Map H-5  Protection Criteria Woodlots 20 Acres or Greater

Map H-6  Protection Criteria Prime Farmland and Locally Significant Farmland

Map H-7  Protection Criteria Lands Within 1000 Feet of Farmsteads

Map H-8  Protection Criteria Land Beyond 500 Feet of Public Roads

Map H-9  Combined Protection Criteria

Map H-10  Year 2030 Preferred Land Use


Appendix A-1  Tainter Citizen Opinion Survey (October 1999)

Appendix A-2  Tainter Vision 2015 Workshop Results (February 2000)

Appendix A-3  Tainter Public Visioning Session February 2008

Appendix A-4  Memorandum: Revision and Update of the Year 2020 Land Use Plan

Appendix A-5  Public Participation Plan

Appendix C-1  Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Summary Report For Town of Tainter

Appendix C-2  Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads


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