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Town of Tainter

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Colfax, WI 54730

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located T.29N - R.12W in

Dunn County, Wisconsin

General Information


Polling Place Location


Tainter Town Hall

N8150 Cty Rd D

Colfax, WI





7:00 AM to 8:00 PM



Election Notices


Election notices are publish in the Dunn County Newspaper and posted on the window of the Tainter Town Hall and this website.





Wisconsin Voter Registration Application





Wisconsin Application for Absentee Ballot



Voter Photo ID Law


Visit:? for detailed information.


In general, you must provide Photo ID prior to voting absentee and in-person.? There is not a separate ?Voter ID? card. There are many forms of Photo ID, which you may already have, that can be used to vote.? Anyone with a valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin state ID card, or any of the documents listed at already has the Photo ID they need for voting purposes.?


What will the Poll Workers be looking at on my Photo ID?

  • Elector?s Photograph:? The photo must reasonably resemble the elector.
  • Elector?s Name: The elector?s name must conform to the name on their voter registration; conform does not mean that the name must be identical to the name on the voter registration.
  • An Expiration: If the ID has an expiration date, it must meet the requirements listed at:?

An acceptable Photo ID for voting does not have to include a current address.


Absentee Information


Before You Choose to Vote By Absentee Ballot


Absentee voting ensures that every voter has the opportunity to vote, but is it the best choice for your situation?  This notice is not intended to discourage you from absentee voting, but rather to provide information that allows you to make an informed choice.


Will my vote count?


The written request for an absentee ballot, the ballot, and certificate envelope must all be completed properly for the votes to be counted.  Missing signature, missing witness information, unsealed envelope, late delivery by the post office, and torn or taped envelopes are a few of the errors that can result in failure.  Voters casting ballots in person on Election Day also have the opportunity to correct any errors caught by the voting machines when they cast their vote.


What if the scanner doesn't read my absentee ballot?


Election Inspectors remake these defective ballots and the votes were counted.  Remade ballots are marked for identification in the event of a recount.


My name is on the envelope, will someone know how I voted?


Election Inspectors must announce your name and address aloud in the polling place, before they open your envelope.  They take measures to avoid looking at how you voted.


Should I vote absentee by mail or in the Clerk's office?


Vote by mail if you cannot visit the Clerk's office prior to the election.? Otherwise, you may wish to vote absentee in-person at the Clerk's office prior to any election.? Absentee ballots are available 47 days prior to Federal Election and 21 days before any other election. In-Person Absentee Voting in Clerk?s office by appointment and ends at 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the election. Our staff will provide instructions, a special ballot marking pen, and will verify and witness your certificate envelope, thereby eliminating many of the common errors.


Should I vote absentee to avoid long lines on Election Day?


Only you can decide whether to vote absentee or in person on Election Day.  For most people, voting on Election Day is efficient, and error free.  If you choose to vote absentee, follow the instructions carefully.  

  • Use a number 2 pencil to mark your ballot
  • Seal the certificate envelope carefully
  • Make sure to sign the certificate envelope and have a witness sign the certificate envelope also.
  • Follow all the instructions provided


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