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Town of Tainter

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Colfax, WI 54730

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located T.29N - R.12W in

Dunn County, Wisconsin

Town Building Inspector


The Town's Uniform Dwelling Code Ordinance promotes the general health, safety and welfare and maintains required local uniformity with the administrative and technical requirements of the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.  The Town Building Inspector administers and enforces this ordinance and is certified by the Division of Safety & Buildings, as specified by Wisconsin Statutes, Section 101.66(2), in the category of Uniform Dwelling Code Construction Inspector.


Under the Town's Uniform Dwelling Code Ordinance, no person shall alter, in excess of $1,000.00 value in any twelve month period, build, add onto or alter any building within the scope of the ordinance without first obtaining a building permit for such work from the building inspector.   Any structural changes or major changes to mechanical systems that involve extensions shall require permits.  Restoration or repair of an installation to its previous code-compliant condition as determined by the building inspector is exempted from permit requirements.   Residing, re-roofing, finishing of interior surfaces and installation of cabinetry shall be exempt from permit requirements.


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